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The Students' Association is here to make sure that the voice of GCU students is heard throughout the University and in our wider community. You can read the Guide to Student Representation at GCU.

Each year, our students elect four Full Time Officers to work throughout the year to improve their student experience. Their work is guided by our main democratic committee Student Voice which votes on which Ideas should be implemented and Ideas can be submitted by any GCU student.

We also support the Class RepsDepartmental RepsPostgraduate Taught (PGT) Reps and Postgraduate Research (PGR) Reps who are working to make sure that the concerns of students on each programme, department or school at GCU is listened to and acted upon. We also ensure that equality and diversity for everyone is achieved through working with the Liberation Officers and the Representation Officers. Additionally, we are committed to developing effective ethical and environmental strategies in partnership with GCU.

Representation does not stop at the edge of campus. GCU Students' Association is a proud member of the National Union of Students and with the majority of college and university students' associations from across the UK were are constantly pushing to improve the conditions for students in this country. 

We also seek to represent our students within our community and your representatives will be involved with a wide range of groups outside GCU as we work towards that goal.

For more information:

Sara MacLean

Student Voice Team Leader
0141 331 3242

Paul Stalker
Academic Rep Co-ordinator
0141 331 8416
Sara is responsible for developing and supporting democracy, representation and campaigning activities. Paul is responsible for supporting academic reps and the Teaching Awards.



GCU Students' Association, 70 Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA.

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