Moving home in the time of Coronavirus pandemic

If you are looking for new accommodation or moving into a new flat please ensure that you read and follow all of the updated advice on how to do this safety during this time.  Please check the information on the Scottish Government website here.

Additional information about student halls, social housing and private rented accommodation can be access here

Coronavirus and purpose built student accommodation

A new law came into effect which allows you to end your purpose-built student accommodation tenancy early due to the coronavirus outbreak. The amount of notice you need to give your landlord  depends on when you moved into the accommodation:

  • before 27 May 2020 - you need to give 7 days notice that you intend to leave

  • on or after 27 May 2020 - you need to give 28 days notice

The notice has to be in writing, and the tenancy will end the day after the notice period ends (Shelter, 2020).


Accommodation Handbook


The Advice Centre can provide you with information and advice to both help you find suitable accommodation and deal with any problems that you encounter once you move in.

For more information and links on finding accommodation, important legal information (including council tax and TV licensing), safety information and useful contacts please see our Accommodation Handbook above or download the Accommodation Handbook (pdf file).

Private Residential Tenancies 

From 1 December 2017, all new tenancies in Scotland are Private Residential Tenancies. This came with changes to the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

Existing assured or short assured tenancies that were taken out before 1 December 2017 will continue to operate as they do currently until they come to an end or the tenant and landlord agree to convert them to a Private Residential Tenancy.

The Advice Centre has prepared a short guide about the changes brought by the new tenancy type which you can access here

Important Safety Information

Police Scotland produced the following report on student rental scams (pdf file). It includes information on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

NUS Resources

Download handy resources related to private rented accommodation such as the Checklist for house-hunting (pdf file) and Tips for moving out (pdf file).

If you would rather watch a video, check out the links below:

For other accommodation resources from NUS go to their Ready to Rent Hub.

Notice Board

We have an Accommodation notice board in the Advice Centre where you can check for details of flats, rooms and shared accommodation available to rent.  Anyone who has accommodation to advertise can use this space including students looking for a flat mate, University halls of residence and private landlords. If you would like to use this service please contact a Student Adviser as all advertisements need to be GCU Students' Association approved  before going on to the notice board.

Contact a Student Adviser for further advice.

DISCLAIMER - We accept accommodation information on behalf of individuals in good faith. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the information displayed is accurate, we can take no responsibility for individual statements. You are therefore advised to check out all the relevant details thoroughly before entering into any agreements.



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