Voice Papers

Student Voice meets four times over the academic year and any GCU student may attend this meeting as an Observer or submit an Idea. The number of Observers will be limited to 10 through a ballot before the meeting begins. You can also read the previous minutes.

If you need further information please email:

Chair (2020/21) Eilidh Fulton chair@GCUstudents.co.uk
Student Voice Team Leader Sara MacLean studentvoice@GCUstudents.co.uk
Clerk to Student Voice Raisah Khan executive.assistant@GCUstudents.co.uk

The meetings are normally held in NH208 (Students' Association Building, Level 2, Room 8) from 5-7pm. Due to Covid-19 guidance, these meetings will take place online until further notice. If you would like to attend a meeting as an observer, please email studentvoice@GCUstudents.co.uk for access code.  Papers are only circulated electronically.


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