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London Advice

While you are studying at GCU London, often there can be situations where you need support and advice on a variety of subjects. That is where your Students’ Association Coordinator can help.  We are independent of the University and can provide free and confidential advice so you are aware of all your options; you know about the services designed to support you and the formal processes you need to follow for the university to recognise your issue.

Support for academic issues:

Scarlett specialises in providing independent and impartial advice on the following issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact Scarlett to arrange a one to one appointment.  Scarlett can help you with the following:

Mitigating Circumstances

Use this if you experience serious circumstances outside of your control, which had a negative impact on your academic performance. Completing this form allows the university to formally take this into account when your assessment board meets to make a decision. More information can be found by clicking the above link.

Retrospective Mitigating Circumstances

Similar to the above, this is only used if your experience exceptional circumstances which somehow prevented you from submitting mitigating circumstances within the necessary trimester deadline or after already receiving your results. More information can be found by clicking the above link.

Academic Appeals

This allows you to appeal against an assessment board decision on grounds of procedural or academic irregularities which negatively impacted on your result. Note this cannot be used for personal circumstances (see above). More information can be found by clicking above.


If you have been accused or suspected of plagiarising on coursework you have submitted. This means using someone else’s work as your own on purpose or accidently. More information can be found by clicking the above link.

Senate Disciplinary

If you have been accused or the University suspects that you have disobeyed the code of student discipline. More information can be found by clicking the above link.


If you have a complaint about any aspect of your experience at GCU London then you can contact me to discuss options/grounds for following the complaints procedure. More information can be found by clicking the above link.

Personal Issues

The Students’ Association Co-ordinator, Scarlett, can listen, advise and support you with any personal issues that you may be experiencing inside or outside of University.

Whether you just want to talk things through, find out about options or where you can get further specialist help or you are unsure whether this would be grounds for Mitigating Circumstances please get in touch. 

Bullying or Harassment:

If you have been subject to personal, sexual or racial harassment, bullying or victimisation by an individual or group while at GCU London we can help. More information can be found by clicking the above link.

Money or financial problems

If you need to speak to someone about your money worries we can help you budget and find out what support there is out there for you. More information can be found by clicking the above link.


If you are experiencing problems with your accommodation then we can give you support and advice on your options, even with matters of homelessness.

If you think any of these apply to you, or maybe you're not sure, then come and speak to the Students' Association Coordinator. Click here to contact



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