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Graham's World Record

What was it?

Graham’s World Record (#grahamsworldrecord) was an attempt by the existing Ethical & Environmental Officer, Graham Allen, to set a recognised World Record for the most electricity generated on a bike by an individual in 24 hours. The challenge began on Wednesday 8th March 2015 at 12:37pm on Level 1 of the Students’ Association building, and concluded 24 hours later.

Who was involved?

The entire stunt was made possible by GCU Students’ Association, who provided funding, Robbie Birrell’s, who supplied the equipment, and a dedicated student support team. The Team consisted of key members of:

GCU Environmental Sustainability Group;

GCU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Society;

GCU Podiatry Society, and;

GCU Jets.

The Team also included GCU Nursing student Ciara Welsh and student volunteer photographer Chris Daisley. In addition, there was support from members:

GCU Sustainability;

GCU Community and Public Engagement, and;


Although the aim was to set an official World Record, the attempt’s prime motivator was to raise awareness of, and fundraise for, the GCU Students’ Ethical & Environmental Campaign, the GCU Environmental Sustainability Group, and charity Mary’s Meals.

What happened during the 24 hours?

The kinetic energy from the rear wheel of the mounted bicycle was converted to electrical energy which was used to power various appliance

s, including a miniature fan, a mobile phone, and even disco lights! This energy was monitored via a wattmeter, and the entire feat was recorded via a webcam. This footage will be submitted as evidence in April 2015 to Guinness World Records in the hope that the feat will be recognised as an official World Record.

However, the Team had to overcome mental, physical and operational obstacles throughout the duration of the stunt. These obstacles varied from equipment issues, undergoing a short medical timeout, and battling sleep deprivation in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Nonetheless, the attempt received continued and extensive support throughout. In particular, there was Michael Gibson from Radio Caley, who conducted an interview during the stunt for radio show Pop Culture; the staff from the Student Bistro, who offered support throughout including breakfast on Thursday morning; students from Strathclyde University’s UNICEF Society, who were in support both on Wednesday and Thursday, and staff from within the Students’ Association, who were in attendance and on-hand regularly throughout.

This attempt would not have been possible without support from these individuals and organisations, who have once again contributed to GCU Students’ Association’s and the University’s already sterling reputation as ‘world-beaters’.




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