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Why Shorter Showers?

Based on research we conducted with students living in Caledonian Court in 2014, the average shower lasts 13 minutes and uses over 63 litres of water!  That is equivalent to:

  • 360 cups of tea
  • 190 cans of juice
  • 115 pints of beer
  • 85 bottles of wine

… and in a typical University term, for the whole of Caledonian Court, that is enough water to fill an 50m, 10 lane swimming pool 2.2 times over… or equivalent to filling the ground floor of the Saltire Centre with water 1.25 metres deep!

Taking shorter showers, ideally no longer than 5-7 minutes, is a simple step to that will significantly reduce the amount of water used and associated heating costs at Caledonian Court and elsewhere!


Shorter Showers: Other Water Facts:

Whilst over the last 70 years, our use and access to water have increased dramatically, did you know that: 



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