Teaching Awards


The Teaching Awards is GCU Students’ Association’s annual campaign to gather positive feedback about learning, teaching and support at GCU which can be then used by the University to further improve the learning experience.


The Teaching Awards are a chance for GCU students to thank and promote outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff members who have made a positive impact on their learning experience.


The Awards

There are six different Teaching Awards you can nominate GCU staff members for:

  • Terrific Teaching
  • Fantastic Feedback
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Super Support (teaching staff)
  • Super Support (non-teaching staff)
  • Sensational Supervision*

*Please note only Research Students (PhD, MPhil, ect...) studying durring the 2019-20 academic year are eligible to nominate staff members for this award. 

In addition to the above awards, every teaching staff member who is long-listed for an award and who is a member of one of GCU’s four academic schools will be automatically considered for their Schools Inspirational Individual award.

You can find out more information about the criteria for each of these awards here!


Nominations Process

Nominating a GCU staff member for a Teaching Award is easy!  All you need to do is click on the below link and complete our online nominations form.  You can nominate as many staff members as you like for as many awards you like.


Nominate Someone Now!


It’s really important that you take the time complete each nomination fully and that you explain exactly why the person you are nominating deserves the award that you are nominating them for.  The long-listing and short-listing panel members make decisions based upon the reasons why someone has been nominated rather than how many times they have been nominated.


Every student who submits a nomination will be invited to attend our annual Teaching Awards Ceremony where the winners of each award will be announced.


Nominations for this year’s Teaching Awards open noon (12:00) 9th December 2019.


Nominations for this year’s Teaching Awards close noon (12:00) 9th April 2020.



Long-listing & Short-listing Process


The winners for each award are decided by students through a long-listing and short-listing process.


Each long-listing panel, which are formed of Full Time Officers, decides which 10 to 15 nominees should go on the short-listing panel.


Each short-listing panel, which are formed of student representatives from each of the four academic schools, decides which three nominees should be short-listed, including the winner.


Both the long-listing panels and short-listing panels are supported by a GCU staff member and a Students Association staff member.


During both the long-listing and short-listing process the nominations for each nominee are reviewed and ranked against the set criteria for the award they have been nominated for.



Reward & Recognition


Every GCU Staff member who receives a nomination will get one of our prized Teaching Awards mugs as well as a congratulatory letter including the anonymised comments from the nominations they have received.


Also every GCU Staff member who receives a nomination will be invited to attend our annual Teaching Awards Ceremony where the winners of each award will be announced. This year’s Teaching Awards ceremony will be taking place on Thursday 14th May 2020.


During the summer all the comments collected from the Teaching Awards nominations will be analysed and shared with the relevant Associate Dean - Learning Teaching & Quality (ADLTQ).


You can find out more information about past winners here!




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