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Gender Based Violence

Preventing and Responding to Gender Based Violence

Glasgow Caledonian University and GCU Students’ Association have worked in partnership throughout the previous three years to develop projects which aim to respond to, and prevent gender-based violence in our society. At GCU, we have a wealth of researchers who specialise in researching sexual and gender-based violence, so this work alongside partnerships with Rape Crisis Scotland and Police Scotland have helped to inform the work we do.

Following in the spirit of this partnership, both institutions also have partnership projects with Glasgow University, and their Students’ Association the Student Representative Council. The work is shared at a joint working group, which meets at Glasgow University, and is also attended by Police Scotland and Rape Crisis Scotland.

GCU also have an internal working group, which includes student representation from the Full Time Officer who has the executive lead for GCU Wellbeing. This year, this is the Student President, Rachel Simpson (


Support Network – First Responders

GCU also have a team of First Responders who have been trained in supporting and advising survivors of gender based and sexual violence. You can contact any of the First Responders, and information will be treated as confidential, unless there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others.

Find more information here.


Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence Workshop

GCU Students’ Association in partnership with the Student Representative Council at Glasgow University, and Rape Crisis Scotland, have worked to introduce and develop student-led workshops to talk about Sexual Violence in our society. The project started as students at both universities wanted to do something to tackle sexual violence in society, and the workshops are part of a wider strategy within our University. 

Students are trained by Rape Crisis to deliver workshops to other students, with support from the GCU Wellbeing Policy Lead, who this year is Rachel Simpson (, throughout the year.

The workshops consider:

  • Explanation of sexual violence
  • The criminal justice system
  • Media portrayal of sexual violence
  • Consent
  • By-stander interventions
  • Support both by the university and local support

Erase the Grey Campaign

To tackle common misconceptions around Gender Based Violence in society, GCU have also developed the #GCUEraseTheGrey campaign. The campaign has 14 messages which, when the grey areas are removed, reflect the truth behind these myths. You can see the campaign across campus in posters and banners. The campaign is also championed by the Erase the Grey Ambassadors.




Earlier this year, GCU also launched our first ever Preventing and Responding to Gender Based Violence Policy. The Policy can be found here and has been through extensive consultation at university committees.


Working Nationally 

This year, the Student President (Rachel Simpson) is also a part of the National Union of Students’ Preventing and Responding to Gender Based Violence Working Group, where she contributes to how NUS can help to support Associations’ and Unions across Scotland to tackle gender based violence.

GCU’s work has also been presented at several conferences, such as within a workshop at NUS’s The Gathering, and at the Scottish Funding Council’s National Gender Conference in 2018.



It Stops Now

GCU Students’ Association have worked in partnership throughout the previous three years to develop projects which aim to respond to, and prevent gender-based violence in our society with both our University, Glasgow University, GU SRC and Rape Crisis Scotland. 

It’s why we’re now working with Rape Crisis Scotland to support and launch their It Stops Now Campaign. 

Let’s work together to end sexual and gender based violence.

#ItStopsNow #EraseTheGrey 




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