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Minutes of Meetings

If you require a copy of any older minutes or minutes not currently available on this page then please contact the Executive Assistant, Raisah Khan by emailing 

Trustee Board

Trustee Board Minutes 2019/20 (until Feb 2020)
Trustee Board Minutes 2018/19 
Trustee Board Minutes 2017/18 
Trustee Board Minutes 2016/17
Trustee Board Minutes 2015/16
Trustee Board Minutes 2014/15
Trustee Board Minutes 2013/14
Trustee Board Minutes 2012/13
Trustee Board Minutes 2011/12
Trustee Board Minutes 2010/11

Student Voice

Student Voice Minutes 2019/20
Student Voice Minutes 2018/19 

Student Voice Minutes 2017/18 
Student Voice Minutes 2016/17 
Student Voice Minutes 2015/16
Student Voice Minutes 2014/15
Student Voice Minutes 2013/14
Student Voice Minutes 2012/13
Student Voice Minutes 2011/12
Student Voice Minutes 2010/11

Executive Committee

2019-20 Executive Committee
2018-19 Executive Committee
2017-18 Executive Committee
2016-17 Executive Committee
2015-16 Executive Committee 
2014-15 Executive Committee
2013-14 Executive Committee
2012-13 Executive Committee
2011-12 Executive Committee
2010-11 Executive Committee

The EDIT Committee

Radio Caley Committee

Societies Council 
Societies Council Minutes 21st Sep 2016
Societies Council Minutes 7th Oct 2016
Societies Council Minutes 9th Nov 2016
Societies Council Minutes 1st Dec 2016
Societies Council Minutes 1st Feb 2017
Societies Council Minutes 1st Mar 2017
Societies Council Minutes 16th Mar 2017
Societies Council Minutes 29th Sep 2017

Societies Council Minutes 10th Oct 2017
Societies Council Minutes 13th Nov 2017
Societies Council Minutes 11th Dec 2017
Societies Council Minutes 25th Jan 2018 
Societies Council Minutes 13th Mar 2018
Societies Council Minutes 24th Apr 2018

Ethical & Environmental Committee (E&E)
E&E Committee Minutes 2016/17
E&E Committee Minutes 30th Nov 2017
E&E Committee Minutes 13th Dec 2017

E&E Committee Minutes 21st Feb 2018

S.A.G.E Minutes 20th November 2019

Equality & Diversity Committee (E&D)



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