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Want to show a film?

Is your affiliated club, society or group thinking about holding a film screening?

You normally need a Film Licence to show a film. We have a Film Licence. There are some rules you need to follow:

  • Our Film Licence only covers showing films in certain areas of our building.
  • No charge can be made, directly or indirectly, to see the film or for admission. Therefore members cannot be charged entry to film screenings, make a donation to at a charity event that shows a film or forced to buy membership for your club, society or group to watch the film.
  • You must inform us the name of the film, for our records, when you book a room.
  • You must be using your own legally UK sourced copy (bought or rented) of the Film on DVD or Blu-ray Disc only. The film must be a feature film, not a TV show or music programme.
  • Under the licence, advertising is restricted to within the Students' Association Building. The permitted forms of advertising is normally through internal notice boards and posters within the Students' Association.
  • You cannot show excluded films.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this guidance or which to hold an activity outwith this guidance.

Netflix Educational Screenings of Documentaries

Read the Netflix Education Screenings of Documentaries Guidance.

  • The documentary may only be accessed via the Netflix service, by a Netflix account holder. Netflix don’t sell DVDs, nor can we provide other ways for you to exhibit the film.
  • The screening must be non-profit and non-commercial. That means you can’t charge admission, fundraise, solicit donations, or accept advertising or commercial sponsorships in connection with the screening.
  • The documentary shall not be screened at any political campaign events and/or electoral campaigning events.
  • Don’t use Netflix’s logos in any promotion for the screening, or do anything else that indicates that the screening is “official” or endorsed by Netflix.



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