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Promoting your club/event

Don't leave promotion until the last minute, shout about it with plenty of time!

Digital communications

Tag us on your Twitter or Instagram post and we can share it. We can also include information on our all student email that is sent out every two weeks, go to the Communications page. Follow us on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram sites.  






Remember to always have the Students' Association logo on your poster, this indicates to the 'poster-taking-down-people' that your are associated with us. 

Posterboards -  We also had a stroll through the whole uni and have written down all the posterboards we think that you can pin them on. Download posterboard mapping document.  Don't put them on posterboards that are clearly marked for courses or something else.

Poster/Flyer/ Digital Media - Design Top Tips

  • 2 second rule - you want to grab attention and get your message accross in about 2 secs.

  • Don’t forget colour! Make it bright and colourful, helps catch the eye.

  • Think about your image - one image can tell the person what you are trying to promote in one easy step.

  • Keep information to a minimum - essential info only, include a link to find out more.

  • Always have a contact, include: web address, facebook page and/or email address (use club/ society not personal).


Example a great poster                    Example a plain poster with too much text.

Good poster     dull poster




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