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Website, Email and Data Protection

Group Webpage

When you become registered as a committee member, you will automatically be granted access to your group's webpageYou need to join the group first for us to enable to your admin rights. You will then have access to:

  • Change the information on your group pages, including your logo, and add news articles
  • See your membership list and contact your members by email
  • Sell tickets for events (no booking fees!)
  • See financial report for online ticket sales and memberships (where applicable)

Please do not change the group name, membership types, fees, membership expiry date, email address or membership questions without speaking a member of staff first.

Add lots of your own photos from your club, society or group. Remember not to use copyrighted images. Below is some guidance on how to use the website:

Website Groups Training Guide (December 2016)

Group Email

Each affiliated club, society or group will have an email account. Log in using Office 365. The President (or committee leader) of a group can ask for the password to the email account to be reset by contacting


Data Protection

Being a Committee Member, Volunteer or Officer means that you have responsibility for other peoples' personal information when they join your group. Your members would expect you to look after their personal information and to take this responsibility seriously. You should read the GCU Students' Association Data Protection Policy to ensure you are working within our Data Protection Principles and help us meet our legal obligations within the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

By virtue of being a Committee Member, Volunteer or Officer you agree to the following: 

  1. You will only use individuals' personal information as part of their membership to your sports club, society or group and not for any other purpose and only collect the information you actually need.
  2. You will ensure that individuals' personal data is held securely. This means that it is normally stored securely on the Students' Association website. Paper membership forms should be passed directly to the Welcome Desk for processing. Should you have to download a copy of any personal information, such as for an event, that an electronic file is at least password protected and deleted after use or that the paper copy is held securely and shredded after use.
  3. You will only send emails to your group members through the website email system.
  4. You should use your official to respond to individual members emails. On the rare occasion you need to email more than one member you should use the bcc function. You should only use your official email address for the running of your group.
  5. You will provide your members with a mechanism to opt out of receiving communications. For instance by ticking the Default Union Email Footer option when sending an email.You will respect the wishes of individuals to opt out of communications.
  6. You will ensure that individuals' data is not passed on or shared with any other party.
  7. You will not keep any copies of individuals' personal data, except stored on the Students' Association website.
  8. Any photographer at your group event or activity should inform individuals of the purpose of the photography/filming and give individuals time to opt out if they wish. Any individual should normally be able to ask the group to remove any photo or video from their website page or social media site. This is explained in the Terms and Conditions for payment of Membership and Event Tickets.
  9. You will report any data breaches to immediately. A data breach could be a loss or theft of data and/or equipment that holds the stored personal information or authorised access to or use of personal information.
  10. Certain rights are provided to individuals within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is outlined within our Privacy Notice. Individuals are entitled to view their own personal data. They also have a right to request a restriction on the processing of their data, a right to be forgotten and a right to object to the processing of their data. You should forward any requests from a member in relation to these rights immediately to

Any breach of these rules or the Data Protection Policy will result in the communication privileges being revoked and further disciplinary action being taken, in line with the Schedule 3 (Discipline) of the Students' Association Constitution.



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