On the Student Leaders Programme you must complete at least 2 workshops: one Core Workshop and one Skills Workshop. You can choose to do more Skills Workshops if you want to learn and develop more of your skills.


Core Workshops


 Effective Leadership

In the Core Workshop, you will identify common actions and behaviours associated with successful leadership, and develop techniques for identifying personality traits in order to maximise the performance of a team. You will also assess your own values, and identify the leadership skills you need to develop.


Skills Workshops


Motivation to Lead

The Motivation to Lead Workshop examines your personal motives, and considers how your motivation can be used to lead others. This Workshop also focuses upon how to self-motivate, how to motivate individuals, and how to motivate a team.


Time Management 

In this Workshop you will learn why time management is important and what prevents people from managing time effectively. You will also develop essential skills in how to overcome procrastination and prioritise your workload.


Managing a Team  

In this Workshop you will explore the development of teams, identify the range of team roles and apply this concept to building an effective team, and learn essential team decision making techniques.


Introduction to Public Speaking

In the Introduction to Public Speaking Workshop, you will explore the importance of preparation, and learn skills and techniques that will aid your public speaking ability.


Introduction to Social Innovation 

In this workshop you will gain an understanding of what social innovation is and how it can be used to meet social needs.  You will develop and apply skills in divergent and convergent thinking to collaboratively develop and propose innovative solutions. 


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