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Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Statement                    

The Advice Centre is committed to providing a confidential advice and support service to students who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties.  Any information discussed during interviews from students studying at GCU will be in complete confidence and not divulged to anyone other than Advice Centre staff without the student’s consent. This would include anyone or department within the University or with the student’s family.    

Due to the nature and complexity of the issues we deal with it will be necessary on occasions to open up a case file for some students. This will allow us to keep track of cases more effectively and ensure students get the appropriate support through our aftercare system.

Students have the right to access their case files, subject to provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. For example, they are not entitled to see any part of their records which contain information on a third party.  These case files will be securely locked in the filing cabinet of the Adviser who is responsible for the case and destroyed by manual shredding after 5 years.

Student Consent

On occasions it may be necessary, when acting on student’s behalf, to request specific information from relevant parties.  Before this can happen all students must give written authorisation for the Advice Centre staff to disclose/request information concerning the student’s circumstances. Therefore, all students must complete a disclosure form with signature and date which will be kept in the students file.

Confidentiality may be breached in the following circumstances:

  1. Student gives consent to contact a third party to assist in resolving their enquiry.
  1. Where there is a legal obligation do disclose information e.g. a court order.
  1. Where we believe that you, or a third party, is in serious personal danger.

Statistical Recording

The Advice Centre is committed to effective statistical recording of visits and enquiries to the service. Any information used for the purpose of social policy campaigning will be anonymised.





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