London Council

London Council is a democratic decision-making body within the Students' Association which brings together students representing the diversity of our membership to vote on Ideas and to improve the student experince at GCU London. London Council meets four times a year, all Class Representatives, London Officer, Research Represenative and the Student President are invited to come along but the meeting is also open to all London students

The meetings take place on Collaborate Ultra from 5pm-6pm on the following dates:

Meeting 1: Thursday 12th November 2020     
Meeting 2: Thursday 10th December 2020   
Meeting 3: Thursday 18th February 2021     
Meeting 4: Thursday 18th March 2021  


London Council Papers 2020-2021

London Council Agenda 18th March 2021


London Council Agenda 18th February 2021

Unapproved London Minutes 18th Feburary 2021


Approved London Minutes 10th December 2020

London Council Agenda 10th December 2020


Approved London Minutes 12th November 2020

London Council Agenda 12th November 2020


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