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London Class Representatives

Here’s what you need to know:

The role of a Class Representative at GCU London is to seek out student opinion and work with students and staff on their Programme to improve the learning experience.

How do I get involved:

During the start of your course, your lecturer and the Students' Association Coordinator (Scarlett) will be coming around talking to you about Class Reps. Feel free to speak to either of them and let them know if you are interested. Alternatively. for more information or to register your interest directly click here Contact

What will I do as a Class Representative?

The best Class Representatives make the role their own. Regular tasks include:

  • Making yourself known to students on your programme so they know how to contact you.

  • Actively seeking out opinions from students and feeding this to staff members.

  • Attending Student Staff Consultative Groups or Programme Boards once a term.

  •  Communicating about the meetings you attend, the issues you’ve raised and the outcomes achieved so students know how you’ve represented their concerns.

  •  Passing on unresolved issues to school Officers or the Students’ Association.


What are the benefits for me, I hear you ask!

Here are a few we think stand out:

  • You’ll have a place on the London Leadership Programme highlighting those students with exceptional leadership and employability skills (The universities flagship leadership and employability award).

  • Feel the satisfaction of improving your programme and representing your fellow students!

  • Gaining new skills and experience for your future and your CV


Who is my Class Rep?

Class Representatives are elected at the start of the academic year and their details are usually communicated to the other students in the programme by a member of staff. These details are also passed on to the Students' Association, to find out who your Rep is email your Students Asscation Co-ordinator, they will get back to request as soon as they can.






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