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Let's get wildflowers on campus.

by David Grimm 19 October 2019, 18:02

Category: Glasgow Caledonian University

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Since starting on campus I have seen flowers near the main entrance but have failed to see any others around the grounds, I believe that by growing wildflowers on the grounds it will have a positive impact on the majority of the student body, even if it's a subliminal impact. 

Tying into the universities attempts at being more green, wildflowers will increase the population of pollinator insects and promote growth of ecosystems. 

And obviously plants allow for a more oxygen rich environment and they look pretty which are all positives. 

I think we should have various flowers, scattered across campus - and all campuses where possible - but particularly on glasgow grounds, to try and help both the environment and students mental wellbeing.

David Grimm 




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