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Accommodation Page review

by Gordon Edwards 20 September 2020, 07:26

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I have applied for Caledonian Court this year for my halls of residence and the move has went extremely well however I have identified some problems around the application process for Caledonian Court that I think needs changing and have spoken to several different students and we identified some issues that the student association should try and change for prospective room mates:


1. The accommodation page of the website needs some more up to date photos of the flat rooms to give students an idea of what they are expecting as some who couldn't attend the open day weren't able to access up to date photos due to the accommodation page not having been updated in a long time.


2. The accommodation application process was on a paper form, for students who don't hold a printer and given COVID-19 with libraries being closed, it may be ideal for the student association to look at introducing an online application form for students to fill in if they wish to apply for accommodation which also helps the environment in terms of paper being printed to fill in the form and then scanned and returned to the accommodation team e-mail address.


I think this would make the application process more modern and more efficient and something tha would bring some real change to students applying for accommodation at Caledonian Court and something the student association should look into.




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