To help you make the most of your Graduation, we've put together a short top tips list that will help you get the most out of the day.  

Plan your day in advance: Plan your day in advance so you don't miss out on anything. Have you registered to graduate? Have you paid the fee? Have you ordered your gown? Do you want professional photos or the graduation DVD? Visit the GCU Graduation webpages.

Be on time: know where the graduation is taking place and think ahead of how you are getting there (and where you are going to park) we've seen too many students miss their ceremonies and have their day ruined!  Read the correspondence you get from the University and make sure you arrive when you're meant to. In fact, scrap that: BE EARLY.

Book your celebratory dinner/lunch now: before the most popular restaurants fill their tables for the evening, get your dinner booked so you're not searching around on the day for somewhere with space. 

Take lots of photos: it might sound obvious, but you'll want to look back on your graduation day in years to come.  Our tip is put 30 mins aside before you start celebrating to get lots of snaps around campus.

Wear comfy clothing: it's important to look smart on the day, but remember that you also need to be comfortable.  Don't spend the entire time having to breath in or pulling your trousers up because they're too baggy.

New shoes: they might look nice and shiny, but if you've not broken them in, you could be in for a world of pain...

Bring pins: Pins can help keep your gown in place.

Keep your student discounts: This is your last chance to keep your student discounts by buying an NUS Extra Card. You can buy a 1, 2 or 3 year card.

Stay involved: Buy our Life Membership and stay involved with GCU Students' Association.

Treat Yourself: Buy some GCU Merchandise to remember your time at GCU. We sell GCU Hoodies at our Welcome Desk in the Students' Association Building.

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