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Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR)

Wednesday 27-03-2019 - 15:06

What is ELIR?

The Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) is the enhancement-led approach to quality in Scotland. It supports higher education institutions in managing the quality of the student learning experience. It also provides public confidence in academic standards and the quality of the student experience. 

ELIR is one of five key elements of the QEF and is an evidence-based method of peer review. The institution carries out a holistic evaluation of its strategy, policy and practice in relation to quality assurance and enhancement. Through a process of self-evaluation we will produce a Reflective Analysis (RA) document to showcase our achievements in relation to the student learning experience and identify our priority areas for development and/or enhancement. The RA is used to identify themes for discussion with GCU staff and students during the review visits.

ELIR results in a judgement and a set of commendations and recommendations relating to the way we secure academic standards and enhance the student experience. More information on ELIR can be found here.

Who carries out the Review? 

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Scotland carries out all Enhancement-Led Institutional Reviews (ELIR) at Scottish higher education institutions. The review is undertaken by a team of reviewers comprising staff and students from other institutions. 

How often does ELIR take place?

Reviews take place on a five year cycle and ELIR is now in its fourth cycle (ELIR4). At the last ELIR, which took place in March 2015, GCU achieved an ‘effective’ threshold outcome which is the highest level of ELIR threshold outcome available.  

When will ELIR4 take place? 

Work has already commenced on preparing for ELIR4. This will continue over the remainder of session 2018-19 and into Trimester A of 2019-20, culminating in the formal submission of the RA and supporting documentation in November 2019. This will be followed by a one-day planning visit and a five-day review visit from the ELIR Panel. The key dates for ELIR4 are:

28th November 2019
Submission of Reflective Analysis (RA) and Advanced Information Set (AIS) to QAA
6th February 2020
Planning Visit by ELIR Panel
WB 23rd March 2020 (5 days)
Review Visit by ELIR Panel 

How can I contribute to ELIR4? 

We need a wide range of students and staff to input into the development of the RA to ensure it genuinely represents the GCU student learning experience.  We have identified a schedule of activity to take place over Trimester B to consult with students across the University. This includes:

•    Focus groups (open to all students) on:
     —Monday 25th March: 11am or 3pm
     —Friday 5th April: 11am or 2pm
•    Pop-up consultation events around campus from the 20th March to the 17th April
•    Consultation at SAGE, Student Voice, Student Rep Gatherings and other Committees 
•    Feedback from students via email  

The sessions will be very informal and you won’t be under pressure to participate in any particular way. We will have a few questions for discussion and will be aiming to capture: 

•    What makes GCU distinctive?
•    What are our strengths in relation to the student experience?
•    What could we enhance?

More information 

For more information, please contact Jennifer Dunlop, ELIR Project Manager, or speak to one of your Full Time Officers. 



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