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Welcome to the Women's Liberation Group at GCU!


If you identify as a woman please feel free to join! We welcome all women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities, and at different points in their university and life journey to create a diverse and inclusive liberation group! 


The Women's Group is run by the 2020/21 Women's Officer: Nicola McMaster


Message from Women's Officer;

"Hello and thank you for showing interest in the Women's Liberation Group! As Women's Officer, I want all members to look at me as if I work for them, I wish to use this platform to raise up issues my members feel are important and create events that they are passionate about. I also want to give members the opportunity to lead events and take ownership hopefully encouraging more confidence and responsibility that they can use later on in life. If there is something you are passionate about or even something you wish to raise awareness about get in touch and we will look at making it happen!"


Further, the officer secures a seat in Student Voice representing Women Students' interests and is a member of the Equality and Diversity Officers Network. The Officer is supported by the Student Voice Team Leader as well as the Full Time Officer team.


To get involved with the campaign click to join the group or contact

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