Bigger Plan 2020

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We commission NUS to conduct research into the thoughts of GCU students and key GCU employees for our next strategic plan.

Stage 1 (January to March 2015): Report

Stage 2 (April 2015): Report

In February 2016 our Trustee Board and in March 2016 our Student Voice approved the strategic areas for our next Strategic Plan. These are: Belonging, Empowering, Partnership and Innovation, with Be part of something.... Bigger (our tagline) being central to our strategy.

During April 2016 the Full Time Officers, Senior Management Team and Students' Association staff developed our strategic themes:

In April 2016 we asked all GCU students and GCU/Students' Association staff to tell us their thoughts on our strategic themes. Survey responses:

Students: In total 90.45% agree with the belonging theme, 91.98% with the empowering theme, 89.69% with the partnership theme and 86.64% with the innovation theme. Read the full comments: GCU students
Staff: In total 94.6% agree with the belonging theme, 89.1% with the empowering theme, 94.5% with the partnership theme and 89.2% with the innovation theme. Read the full comments: GCU/Students' Association staff

Our Full Time Officers also surveyed students on campus in April 2016 on our themes.

In August 2016 our Board approved our Strategic Objectives and Strategic Enablers. Our Board also started to discuss Key Performance Indicators that will be developed by the Senior Management Team and Executive Committee and presented back to the Board for approval.

In October 2016 the Strategic Plan was approved by our Board and communicated to all stakeholders.

Key Documents

The Big Plan 2015 (Strategic Plan) Overall Report (2015)
Prospective Students Research (2015)
Student Union Evaluation Initiative Audit Report (2012)
Paper to Student Voice (March 2016)
GCU 2020 Strategy
GCU Students' Association activity mapped onto GCU 2020 Strategy (April 2016)
Enhancement-led Institutional Review of Glasgow Caledonian University: Outcome Report (March 2015)



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