Sponsorship Funds: memo to committee members

As you already know, GCU Students’ Association rewards most active societies for using our sponsor venues. This includes Re:union Bar & Grill, and nightclubs – Kokomo and Bamboo. From the past, we have learned that receiving detailed records from management does not always reflect the real life. This was due to the fact that managers often forget to record all bookings as their role often requires juggling many responsibilities at once; therefore, the information is not passed on to us to be able to distribute money in a fair manner.

In order to mitigate this situation from occurring again, we have introduced a system that may be a little bit time-consuming, however, it offers more objective ways of assessing the actual usage of the venues. Therefore, it is crucial that all societies and sports clubs that signed up for the sponsorship scheme use these features appropriately.

If you have any problems with our sponsor venues, please contact Daniel at Daniel.Berlinski@GCUstudents.co.uk


If you wish to book a booth or put your society/club on a guest list for a nightclub you no longer need to scroll down other emails to find out details of John or Ross. Now you can do an instant booking through GCUstudents.co.uk.

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Once you are on our website, find a tab called Bar & Nightclub, and click on Bamboo & Kokomo.

Once you are there (see Picture 2) you can find out all the special deals that Kokomo and Bamboo offer to all GCU students this year. However, if you wish to book a booth for a society or a sports club, need to scroll down until you can see INFO FOR VOLUNTEERS button (see Picture 3).

Once you are there (see Picture 4), scroll all the way to the bottom until you can see two forms (one white, and one black). As indicated on the forms, each is for different nightclubs. Thus, please ensure that you book in the right venue (see Picture 5). The data provided by you will be available to a door staff on the night, therefore, please remember whose details you put down to make sure you’re able to get in. The last part of the form is to decide whether you require a booth or not (see Picture 6). If you only wish your society to be on a guest list, please select “I would like to be on a guest list”; otherwise please select “I would like a booth”. Please note, those booths are subject to availability and managers’ discretion. Therefore, last minute booths’ bookings may not be approved by the management. We advise you to make such bookings at least a week in advance.



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Re:Union Bar & Grill

Re:union Bar & Grill offers complimentary services to all sports groups and societies at GCU Students’ Association. For all groups of minimum 20, the Bar will offer complimentary welcome food, this needs to be requested 3 working days in advance. Whilst if you just need a table, or you want to record your presence there, you can also use the forms available online.

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If you wish to book a table or request food for your group, click on Book a Table (see Picture 7).

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Once you’re there, you will see a form that will give you several options. However, the first one will ask you whether you require a table (or not), food etc. We will also ask you there if you’re the only society/club using this space as in case you don’t have enough people to get free welcome food, you can join other group and share food together.


However, if you wish to organise a bigger event, that involves a stage, projectors, lighting, PA etc. you will be required to use the other form, under Book Event in union Bar & Grill. Such bookings must be made at least with a 7 days’ notice, however, we advise you to book it as soon as possible.


Please note that tables, welcome food and event space are subject to availability and manager’s discretion.


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