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Both the the Development and Advanced Levels of the Student Leaders Programme you must attend a Core Workshop and at least one Skills Workshop. 

There are many Skills Workshops to choose from including workshops delivered by GCU staff, external organisations and employers. 

Below you can find the Skills Workshops which are being delivered by GCU staff, external organisations and employers in Trimester 2 2018/19 with a small description detailing what will be covered in the workshops. 


GCU Alumni - Sally Hopson MBE Materclass - Gender Pay Equality in Your Lifetime? 

Wednesday 6th February; 17:30-19:00pm  


Sally has spent her career in retail and services, having left university without a career plan, and a need for a job! Happily, it proved to be an ideal choice for a people-focused person with energy, curiosity and a love of shopping.  

Starting with Habitat in 1983 as a Christmas temp, Sally has worked her way to the top. Moving to Asda as a store manager gaining knowledge and experience within operations, people and marketing; to becoming the Customer and People Director at Pets at home in 2008.  Finally she has come full circle back into furniture retailing as Sally is now CEO of Sofology, a sofa specialist.

Sally is a trustee for The Retail Trust and an advisor to Per Centar, a PE backed pet retailer based in Croatia. In 2006 she was awarded an MBE for services to diversity following her work as part of on the Women in Work Commission.

What to expect from the masterclass - reflections on progress towards truly equal pay and the reality of the reasons behind the gap. How can the next generation work towards bridging the gap?


Scottish Institute for Enterprise - Ideas With Impact 

Thursday 7th February; 2-4pm 

Do you want to be a trailblazing leader in your future field?

In this interactive, you will be introduced to the ‘design sprint’ process. Developed at Google Ventures, the design sprint has emerged as the go-to method for forward-thinking organisations/teams that seek to create and test new ideas. Join the Scottish Institute for Enterprise to develop your innovation skills and learn how to better inspire and manage others in solving problems.


What key skills will you practice in this workshop?


  • Flexibility / Adaptability 
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Communication 
  • Opportunity recognition 
  • Collaboration 

Furthermore by attending this workshop you qualify for Level 1 of the Scottish Innovative Student Awards (SISA). SISA is a new national awards programme that develops innovation skills in students and issues a certificate for each completed stage. For any student interested in advancing to SISA Level 2 we advise that you keep Saturday 23rd February 2019 free in your diary. 


GCU Students' Assocaition – Gender Based Violence Training 
Wednesday 13th February; 17:30 – 19:30pm
Thursday 21st February; 10-12pm




GCU Students’ Association in partnership with the Student Representative Council at Glasgow University, and Rape Crisis Scotland, have worked to introduce and develop student-led workshops to talk about Sexual Violence in our society.

The workshop considers:

  • Explanation of sexual violence
  • Media portrayal of sexual violence  
  • By-stander interventions 
  • The criminal justice system 
  • Consent
  • Support provided by the university and locally


More information on the Gender Based Violence Project can be found by clicking here.


 Research and Innovation Office – How To Make Change Happen  
 Wednesday 20th February; 2-4pm 
 Wednesday 27th February; 2-4pm    




Join a team specialising in international social innovation to learn about the Social Innovation Spiral alongside the Design Thinking Process; and learn how to implement these processes when developing innovative ideas.  The workshop will discuss the experience that GCU has on enabling Social Innovation in South East Asia and Latin America; providing useful self-assessment tools designed for social innovators. 


This is a continuation from the Introduction to Social Innovation Workshop.


Susanne McCabe Lifeswitch Coaching - Resilience Champions; How to Thrive in Leadership

Monday 25th February; 10-12pm  


What makes a resilient leader and why is it so important? Susanne McCabe, Life Coach at Lifeswitch Coaching, takes you through strategies for building your own personal resilience through practical exercises. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your own challenges, looking at areas such as:

  • Locus of control 
  • How to feel empowered under stress
  • Using Reframing for more positive experiences 
  • Embracing challenges 
  • Building self - efficacy


Katrina Forbes & Ellen Gibson GCU Careers Service - Articulating Leadership to Employers 
Friday 1st March; 10-12pm 


Are you unclear on what leadership skills and qualities you possess? Then how are you going to tell an employer about them? This session will allow you to identify your leadership skills and qualities from the experiences you have had so far. We will then look at how you demonstrate these skills on CV’s, applications and in person at interviews.


Adrian Lui Equality and Diversity Advisor GCU - Unconscious Bias Training
Friday 1st March; 10-12pm


This session aims to help Student Leaders to support a positive and inclusive working and learning environment. It will explore the way that the brain processes information and makes short-cuts in doing so. The training will help you identify types of unconscious bias, teach how unconscious bias applies in practice and when unconscious bias occurs and how to manage it. 


 Elaine Murdock Scottish Student Sport (SSS) –  Making the Connection; Sports and Employability 
 Tuesday 5th March; 2-4pm


Research shows that students who engaged in sport at university are more likely to possess career-enhancing qualities and earn a higher salary than those who did not. So, what exactly are the employability skills that involvement in sport develops? This workshop will help you to answer this, while also building an understanding of the employment routes that sport opens up and what employers are looking for during the application process.


David Broom GCU Alumni – Growth Mindset: How my mistakes helped me grow from goldfish to shark
Wednesday 6th March; 10-11am



David Broom is a GCU alumni, graduating in 2009 with a 1st class Honours Degree in Business Information Management.   Now a Director of a multi-national construction sales firm, he is also an enthusiastic speaker and sales mindset coach who removes limitations, inspires clear goals and passionately helps others to succeed.

David encourages others to develop an abundance mindset and loves moving outside his comfort zone. Stepping to the edge has helped him to define his purpose and enables him to work with others to remove barriers to success. 

David's speaking topic: 'Growth Mindset: how my mistakes helped me to grow from goldfish to shark' is designed to trigger ambitious, measurable and tangible person and business goals by storytelling from his own business, sales and personal experiences.

Wendy Jenkins - Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training
Thursday 7th March; 9:30am - 16:00pm 
Thursday 14th March; 9:30am - 16:00pm


The Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training (SMHFA) is a 12-hour course, carried out over two days,  on how to respond to a mental health crisis and information about the most common mental health problems. Participants develop skills in asking appropriate questions, listening without judgment and giving guidance about where help can be found. The course covers:

  • How to apply the 5 steps of SMHFA
  • How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide.
  • How to give immediate help until professional help is available.
  • What to say and do in a crisis
  • The importance of good listening skills
  • Practice listening and responding
  • Understanding recovery from mental health problems
  • Understanding the connection between mental health problems and alcohol and drugs
  • Understanding the connection between mental health problems and discrimination
  • Basic information about common mental health problems
  • Self help information


GCUSA Caledonian Women Liberation Group - Women's Health, Equality and Empowerment Event 
Friday 15th March; 3-6pm 


The GCUSA Caledonian Women's Liberation Group are hosting a Women’s Health, Equality and Empowerment Event in collaboration with Fertility Network Scotland and NUS Scotland to celebrate Women's History Month. The event will cover the following topics: 


  • Health Education and Fertility Issues delivered by Heather Whiffin from Fertility Network Scotland. 
  • Women's Equality and Empowerment through the Taking Up Space workshop delivered by Shuwanna Aaron from NUS.   



For more information contact:

Kerry Lyon, Student Leaders Co-ordinator
Visit NH221 (Students' Association Building, Level 2, room 21)




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